List of Courses

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Recent / Recurring Courses

  • Teleinformatics [TINF/TIND-IT1] : Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Java Programming [PRGD-IT1] : Introduction to procedural and object-oriented programming
  • Java Programming [ALGO1-IT1] : Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Information Systems - Web Technologies [SINF-T3] : Web Server Architectures and Web Technologies
  • Advanced Java Networking [TAPR-I3] : Sockets, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Java Management Extension (JMX)
  • Security of Web Applications [SECA-T3/I3]: Vulnerability mitigation and some kind of "ethical hacking" ...

Past Courses

  • MAS-ICT (EPG-TIC) - Module TIP : Introduction to Internet Protocols
  • EduSwiss: TIP - Teleinformatics (Internet Protocols)
  • PGL: Module 4 - Telecommunications

If you have any questions regarding the courses that are not answered by the information available online, please contact me.